Open House & Prop Sale

Saturday, January 28th 

9 A.M. - 2 P.M.  BOTH Locations

Directions to Libertyville Location

Directions to Barrington Location

Do you want to come take a look around our studios?  Now's your chance to get a tour and chat with the owner and managers about all that Studio Share Photography has to offer your business.

Are you looking to purchase photography props or equipment this year?  This is our 4th annual Prop Sale!  Studio Share Photography, member photographers and other local photographers come together to sell gently used props and equipment.

Would you like to TEST out the space?  We will have models available - so bring your camera and come play around with the beautiful natural (or studio) lights....and gain some great images for your portfolio!  Professional models will be available from 10-1 at both locations.

Are you just hungry?  Come eat our food and talk shop.  *smile* .  We'd love to have you come and hang out!

Ready to sign on as a member?  If you sign a contract at the event, we will give you a $75 credit towards your hourly bookings!  

SSP will be accepting cash, checks and credit cards for the sale

Do you want to SELL props or equipment at this event?  

SSP will provide you with tags and assign you a vendor number.  Price your items, drop them off and pick up whatever doesn’t sell. SSP will take 20% of your profit and send you a check for the rest within two weeks.  Easy peasy.

DROP OFF of sale items (either location):  Friday, January 27th between 6p.m.-7p.m.  

PICK UP of what doesn't sell (either location):  Saturday, 28th between 3p.m. - 4p.m.

If you cannot make the drop off and pick up times, we can make special arrangements but let that be a last resort if otherwise it would prevent you from participating.

We plan on promoting through social medial, SSP email blasts, CACCA email blasts, flyers and word of mouth.  If you see one of our social media ads, please feel free to share that to your pages as well and help spread the word!

For more info, to get your tags and vendor number, please email Jenni.  Or call her.  We need to know by January 19th if you are going to participate as a vendor.