Maria Martinez – Our October Member Highlight

Maria Martinez – Our October Member Highlight

You have to meet Maria of Maria Nicole Photography!  She has been a member here at the Libertyville location of Studio Share Photography for over a year and a half.  She has an infections laugh and a creative drive none can match!

Why do I want to introduce you to these photographers?  Just to get you a peek inside some of the other togs on the front lines with you – maybe make you feel a little more ‘normal’ (whatever that is) and not alone.  

Maria is a Nikon shooter and her favorite lens is the 70-200 2.8.  She shoots in both natural light and studio light depending on the nature of the shoot.  

She lives in the northern suburbs of Chicago because this is where her family is from.   Maria’s family consists of my 3 babies: Joshua 5, Ariana 3, and Miss Ainsley who is 5 months along with her wonderful finance John and lab Dakota!  She is also very close with her parents, sister, grandma as well as her aunt and family! She considers her friends my family as well <3  (so basically Maria is a lover of people and has her hands and heart full!)

Maria has been in business for 3 years.  Sh started in photography when she was young and always had a passion for it.  In high school her passion really developed with film and then it turned into her career.  She specializes in family photography and high school seniors but loves weddings and events as well.  She ends up photographing many newborns as well.  Because she does weddings and families, those families begin to grow and come back to her for more!

I asked Maria what photographers inspired her and this was her reply:  “Oh my goodness, my list of photographers that inspire me is longer than my contact list in my phone! I love so many photographers from their style of work to just the way they are as people”

The hardest thing about being a photographer for Maria?  Blogging. haha, no seriously.  Can you relate?  It seems like there are a lot of us who intend to blog, but never get to it.  That intention list can get long….

When I asked Maria about a time when she was afraid in her business, she said she’s had many times…whether it was how to get clients or tough sessions.  Talking to other photographers has helped her tremendously.  Also taking the time to really know who SHE is as a photographer is a big deal. (tru dat)

I’m always intrigued to know what a piece of advice a member would give to a fellow tog.  Maria said to just “breathe.. and be YOURSELF. okay that is two but breathing should be a given, lol”

Maria decided to be part of Studio Share Photography because she needed to get out of her parents’ basement.  HAHAH  But really, she wanted a professional space to go with the professional business she had developed. (for real – isn’t that so common?  cramped in a space that is in their house or someone else’s…and they are ready for a change…something more professional…can you relate??)   Maria has seen her business grow at the share just from having the opportunity to learn from other members.  She hopes in the next 5 years to grow in her skill as well as on the ‘business’ side!

Many of you can relate – when I asked Maria if she’d rather stay up late or get up early to edit.  She said, “stay up late to edit”.  Yes.  I agree.  I wish I was a morning person.  And what would she snack on while she works?  Something sweet and salty, of course.  

Are you in need of a local community of photographers to be encouraged, resourced and propelled forward?  How about a professional, fully-equipped indoor studio to use during the long winter months ahead?  Contact us.  We’d love to get you connected.  

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