Small Business Funk [Studio Share Photography - Lake County IL]

 Photo Credit:  Bethany Brinkworth

Photo Credit:  Bethany Brinkworth

Do you ever get in one of 'those modes'?  You know, where your small business is just...well...there?  A lull in your leads, no urgent things to attend to, and maybe other parts of your life have just filled your days?  I mean, I know many of us run small businesses part time in order to have time for other important things in our lives.  But when we DO have the time to circle back and continue to invest, it can be hard to press on.  

I think I'm in a small business funk.  And I need to figure out how to get out of it.  There is a ton of work I could be doing...but none of it HAS to be done today.   Do you get me? I can make lists with the best of them - but actually implementing the non-urgent, long term goals seems so challenging....why is that?  I know, I know, I can hear my business coach telling me to "chunk it down, don't look at the task as ONE BIG ELEPHANT, just take it one slice of elephant steak at a time."  But sometimes even those small steaks don't seem so appetizing. I just waste time staring at them, holding my knife and fork.

So, since blogging is one of those steaks on my list, I figure I'd get my thoughts out 'on paper' and maybe some of you can help me dig back in.....or at least sympathize with me as I sit and stare at the elephant's feet.  :D

Sometimes I think I just need to find refreshment.  Not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually.  I am continually amazed how all of that is connected.  If I'm out of whack in any of those areas, it effects the other ones.  Which one of these areas needs fine tuning?  Which ones have facets that need attention?  It may be as simple as just getting more sleep.  Everything looks better (and less monumental) when we're well rested.  

You know - it's probably time to 'go back to my WHY', too.  (yes, another business coaching tip....he's kind of annoying like that...these phrases just come back to haunt me every now and then).   Why am I in business?  Why am I serving the people that I serve?  At the end of the day, what is it all for?  What dreams and passions have gotten buried in my apathy?  What really drives me to do what I do?


I guess in these few moments of reflection it boils down to a few things for me:  seeking God, finding rest, loving well, and remembering my WHY.  

Alright, i'm going to ponder this a little longer and then go sharpen my knife and set the table for an elephant steak lunch...and maybe take a nap afterwards.  You with me?