Studio Share is Coming to Barrington, Illinois

Guess what? We FINALLY have a location for our next Studio Share.  We are hard at work to be able to open the doors to our Barrington location at the turn of the year!

We officially signed the lease last Saturday - 117 E. Northwest Highway, Suite 4, Barrington IL 60010.  The owners seem real sweet and most of the other tenants in the building are artists as well.  I've met Ellen from Dance Workz and I've heard that between her and the other tenants the building oozes with music, dance and art.  I think we'll fit right in.  

Here is what our unit looked like BEFORE we touched it:

I think we should keep the red - don't you?  LOL - just kidding.  It will look nothing like this when we're done.  I've learned a lot in the last 2 years about space and what photographers' needs are - and how we can create a place that best serves those needs.   I'm anxious to see this location come together!  It's not industrial or office, so it has a little bit of street presence - and yet it's not quite downtown so it's a little easier to navigate the traffic.  It's kinda like the 'just right' porridge in the story of the 3 bears.  :D

As part of our lease agreement, the owner did the tear out for us.  (much, much less than what we had to do in Libertyville).  We headed back out there this evening to check out the progress:

We had to pull up some tile...the last thing needed before the concrete grinder guys get in there tomorrow.  (they will remove the glue and sand it down so we can put a clear coat on everything).  Obviously we got the whole family involved.....or at least brought their scooters to keep them entertained while we took more measurements and prepped.  

A cool little tidbit, one of the things that is non-negotiable for the share is a space that has lots of natural light.  The owners of this space are going to let us put in more windows.  We were going to leave the two windows on the front of our unit - but then we found out that they had been built into a larger opening that was a garage door (which is what I look for if we are going to lease an industrial space).  So there is already a hole much larger that we can put a window into for that wall!  Because it's a cinderblock building - that would have been more expensive to create the hole to start with.  Pretty fun, heh?  Bring on the giant soft box.  We will also add the same size window to the opposite wall (so we will have two studios with natural light!)

So here we go!  If you are a photographer in the Barrington, Lake Zurich, Cary, Palatine, Elgin, Wauconda or Schaumburg area and you need a place to shoot indoors this winter - contact us - we're finally within reach!  We'd love to show you around - even in process....we just might put you to work.  


P.S.  The Studio Share is not a co-op.  Photographers do not go in together on sharing the lease of either the Libertyville or the Barrington location.  That burden is solely on my (Jenni Chase) shoulders as the owner - and the photographers sign annual membership contracts and rent hours as they need them....very low risk investment for those who want to have access to a professional studio without having the stress of leasing their own brick and mortar.