Meet Bethany Babineau - Studio Share Photography's December Member Highlight

You totally have to meet Bethany Babineau of Paint The Sky Photography.   She is one of those people that just brings life and her photography is top notch!  Every time I see her post an image, I think there is no way she could top that…and then...she does.  Simply amazing.  

 Photo Credit:   Emily Hernandez

Photo Credit:  Emily Hernandez

She signed on at our Barrington location of Studio Share Photography before we even opened the doors for that location in January of 2016.

Bethany shoots Nikon and her favorite lens is the 35mm.  Most of her work consists of natural light.  

She has lived in Fox River Grove, IL her entire life!  When she moved out of her parents’ home, she only moved 3 blocks away.  Can you tell she’s a home body?  She continues to live in the area because their entire family is local and they couldn't live without them!

Bethany and her hubby have been together for 13 years (since she was in high school) and have been married for 5 years.  They have a little girl on the way - due in March!  They are excited and nervous!!!  (I know how often this child will be photographed….all photographers’ children need counseling in their adult lives, I’m convinced).  She didn’t tell me this, but I know she has a sweet, little, white pooch who is also well photographed.  That dog is in for a real surprise.  

Bethany has been in business "officially" for a year.  But she started about 4 years ago.  She specializes in newborn, children and family photography.  She has lots of fun props to use for little ones!  I am so NOT a prop person so I’m always amazed at any of our members’ creativity!

When I asked Bethany what the hardest thing was about being a photographer, she said, "time management".  (I’m desperately trying not to laugh too hard as they prepare to welcome a new, precious little time sucker into their lives).  She says having work time and play time is hard to balance especially in the busy seasons.  Isn’t that always the case?  It’s a constant re-evaluation of what is priority.  And a constant balancing between addressing the immediate while still dreaming/planning for things a little farther out!

When it comes to what’s been easy about her business, Bethany says she has always been blessed building her clientele.  She is not much into marketing herself so she is very, very lucky that word of mouth has kept her going over the years!

I asked Bethany if she would be willing to share briefly about a time when she was afraid in her business - and how she worked through it.  She says, “I think the scariest part has been taking the leap and going full time with my business. When I first decided to start in photography I worked 3 part time jobs which helped pay for my first camera. As I continued to get busier I dropped a job and dropped another - and this year I took the plunge and went full-time in photography. It was terrifying and still is some days, but I'm blessed to be able to do what I love all the time!”

If she could share one piece of advice with a photographer just starting out, Bethany would tell them, “just keep swimming and try not to compare yourself to others”.  She knows it’s easier said than done but wants to encourage photographers to focus on their work and their style and just be inspired by others in the business. 

I’m always curious to know why photographers decide to be a part of Studio Share Photography.  I can do my best to understand the market and guess what the needs are, but I learn the most from the feedback I get from members and their experience!  Bethany said she was so excited to be presented with the opportunity to be part of the share. She was like many others, going to clients' homes and setting up a mini studio anywhere she could.  She says it was a lot of work and hard to not have consistent light, since she uses only natural light.  She still looks back at her work and can see a huge difference since she has started at the studio share! It makes life her easier when knowing the lighting that she is walking into and having all the equipment there to use!  

Bethany has definitely seen a big growth in her business!  She think her clients, old and new, appreciate the experience she can now offer.  Studio Share Photography is a nice, comfortable clean space that her clients enjoy coming to. 

What does her business look like fiver years from now?  She didn't eve know how to answer this one.  She is so happy with where she is at now in her business that it's hard to imagine things being even better!  She want to just keep going forward, improving on her skills and continuing to learn!  I can’t wait to see how Bethany grows and matures, as she enters motherhood and refines her work.  I think her prospective as a mother will only enhance the beauty she already draws out of her clients.  

Like most of us, Bethany would rather stay up late to edit….and as far as choosing between a sweet and a salty snack, she can’t choose….it’s both.   I think she and I would benefit from taking stock in Ben and Jerry’s Chubby Hubby ice cream, right Bethany? 

Are you in need of a warm, professional place to shoot this winter?  Contact us.  We’d love to chat with you about what membership looks like and how Studio Share Photography can serve your growing business.  It would be our pleasure.