Jen Schild - Studio Share Photography Member

Let me introduce you to Jen Schild for our August Member Highlight at Studio Share Photography!  She is one of THE MOST positive people I know.  I always leave up-lifted after hanging out with her.  

Jen has been a member of the share since July of 2014 and her business is Bloom Photography.  Her focus is on high school seniors, families and newborns and uses both natural and studio light!  She shoots Nikon (which I'll forgive her for) and loves her 70-200 f/2.8 (I'm with her on that one)!

She and her husband both grew up in Illinois. She says: "I know that it might sound crazy but, I love it here. There is nothing like that perfect summer day and night. I also look forward to the snow!"  (I'm rolling my eyes now)

Jen's house is always full.  Kids, kids and more kids!  She has four beautiful children and feels like the luckiest mom/wife in the world.  Jen comments, "I have always known that I was put in this world to be a mom. I have a thirteen year old, twin twelve year olds and one five year old. I cherish everyday with them. Sometimes I wish I could freeze time for real, not just with pictures".

Photography has always intrigued Jen! After taking her first few photography courses in college the rest was history.  She feels the need to learn new skills everyday! Her most favorite conference that she attended was out in Salt Lake City, Utah. (Click Away)  Jen is inspired by lots of different photographers.  Every professional that she talk to, in some way, makes her want to be better.  

The hardest thing about being a photographer, for her, is dialing in her perfect balance of work and family. (can I get an amen?)  Jen commented, "There is always a portion of guilt that comes with the territory. I find myself saying quite often...I wish there were two of me."

The easy part, for Jen, is connecting with her clients.  She has several returning clients and loves to watch their families grow!

I asked her if she would share one piece of advice with photographers who were just starting out and Jen said, "I would tell them to make the commitment and not to look back. Take a deep breath and get yourself out there. Most importantly is not to compare yourself to anyone else."  (can I get another amen?)

When asked why she decided to be part of Studio Share Photography, Jen said "After meeting the owner, Jenni Chase, and seeing the studio space, I knew that SSP would be a perfect fit! The studio spaces are beautiful! I also feel like I am a part of a community."  

I'm always curious as to whether a photographer would rather get up early or stay up late to edit - and she said she'd get up early.  Oh my.  *yawn*.  And she'd rather eat something sweet if she had the choice between sweet or salty.   So there ya go.  

Are you in need of a studio space as we head into the fall/winter?  Do you need some encouragement in your business?  Contact us.  We'd love to talk to you and have you come check out the spaces.  Studio Share Photography has two locations, one in Libertyville and one in Barrington, IL.  This is NOT a co-op type set up.  There are simple monthly/hourly fees with an annual contract for each independent photographer that rents from us.  (you can also rent hours as a non-member).  Come, join us!



Photo Credit:  JC Photography