Are You Ready To Focus in 2016?

There are two things that I love hunting for when I vacation at the beach: sharks teeth and scallop shells.  But you know what I realized?  I can't search for both at the same time. 

I need to focus my attention on one or the other or I'm not as effective.  When I look for the sharks teeth I need to look in the piles of smaller shell pieces that have a smattering of back flecks...and search for the shiniest, triangular, black or brown pieces.  The scallops are totally different - in this case I'm on the hunt for color and perfect form and piles of larger shells.   When I focus my attention on one or the other, I can hone in my search skills and fill my bag - if I try to look for both, I end up inefficient and disappointed.  

I can't help but think about my photography business (or any business for that matter). Am I laser focused on the task at hand?  Do I know exactly what I want to go after?  Yeah, yeah, I know we all have other things that take up time in our day.  Many of you reading this, are moms and dads of young children - and trying to accomplish anything without interruption is nearly impossible.  I'm not saying to ignore all those responsibilities (although sometimes I'd rather block out the crying 2 year old.)  But with the time that you DO have to dedicate to your business, however you carve that out, the real question is:  ARE YOU FOCUSED?  Do you KNOW your target market?  Do you have a recognizable brand/style that speaks to that market?  Do you know WHERE your potential clients hang out?  Are you networking/marketing in more places that just facebook?  Do you have other businesses to shake hands with, who share the same target market?  How could you work together and cross promote?  

So...try not to go after the scallops, teeth, coral, sand dollars, or conchs all at the same time or worse, settle for the boring, white shell pieces in the parking lot.  Learn to go after only the things you love....don't forget: YOU are the business owner.  YOU have control over how you spend your time and what kinds of clients you want to take on.  Study them.  Know what they love.  Figure out why they would choose to do business with you.  Don't be afraid to narrow your focus.  It takes discipline.

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