Tiffany Chiappetta - Studio Share Photography Member

There are currently over 25 members of Studio Share Photography between the Barrington and Libertyville, Illinois locations.  Tiffany Chiappetta of Tiffany Chiappetta Photography is one of those!  I want you to meet her!

 Photo Credit:  Melody in Bloom

Photo Credit:  Melody in Bloom

Tiffany has been in business for 3 years and became a member of the studio share back in January of 2015.  She's a Canon camera girl.  She loves to shoot with a Sigma 35mm Art lens in natural light.

She is a stay-at-home mom and she and her husband have 3 beautiful children ages 13, 5 and 4.  Her husband is a firefighter/paramedic for the City of North Chicago.  They are celebrating their 7th wedding anniversary on June 29th!   They both feel really blessed being able to do what they love and still be home with their children. 

So I asked Tiffany what got her started in photography and how she built her skill set. She said that after her youngest daughter was born she really wanted a DSLR to capture her own images of her family.  In high school she worked at JcPenney Portrait Studio and Picture People, and always wanted to learn more.  Taking photos of her kids, turned into taking photos for friends kids, then it kinda snowballed into something more.  Her hobby soon turned into a business.  

Building her skill was a combination of practicing, learning from photographer friends, and youtube.  She continues to build her skill which she says is part of the fun.  She is always acquiring new techniques, new editing tricks, and pushing herself to learn more.

Tiffany specializes in Family, Children, and Weddings.  I asked her who inspires her and she said Tina from Melody in Bloom Photography.  She is very artistic not only with the camera, but she draws and paints.  She LOVES how much she loves chasing light and that her camera is with her 90% of the time.  She continues to inspire Tiffany as a photographer, mom, and wife. Tina is another member at Studio Share Photography and I also appreciate her unique and artsy eye from behind her lens!

Tiffany also mentioned previous member, Krissy from Bella Nicole Photography whom she met when she started at Studio Share Photography.  Tiffany has been following her work since.  Krissy has grown so much with her photography and Tiffany loves to see her passion for photography! (I agree! Krissy is another awesome photog who has worked hard to develop her business over the last few years)

I’m always curious to know what the hardest thing is for photographers.  So I thought it was beneficial to ask - and maybe help us all realize that we are not alone.  Tiffany said it’s balancing everything.   Even though she has the studio and works on location with clients, the business and editing side of photography is done at her home office. She tends to work late at night sometimes or in between dressing barbie and throwing in loads of laundry.  (sound familiar?)

What’s been surprisingly easy for Tiffany is meeting other photographers!  She says she’s met so many great and talented people who share the same passion as her.  

A time that made her afraid in her business was signing up for the Studio Share Illinois!  She questioned if she would have enough business, whether the 30 minute commute be worth it, and the cost of having a business.  But she didn't know the answers to those questions and she knew unless she tried she would never know (it’s been really cool to see Tiffany’s business blossom!) I appreciate Tiffany's use of color and the connection she makes with her clients through the lens.

She became part of Studio Share Photography because she really needed indoor studio space.  She was hosting sessions in her home and traveling with props and backdrops to clients homes.  It was not the "ideal" situation.  She came across Studio Share Illinois on Facebook and reached out to get more info.  She says it was such a great concept and was so impressed with what Studio Share Illinois had to offer but she wasn't too sure if she was ready.  I followed up with her months later when the Libertyville location opened, so at that time she decided to take the leap into the studio! She’s SO happy she did!  Its been very beneficial for her to have studio space in winter months, on raining days or to utilize for newborn sessions. 

If Tiffany could share one piece of advice with a photographer just starting out, she would tell them not to give up, keep pushing yourself and practice, practice, practice….she still tell herself this all the time!  (I think a lot of us do)

Where does she see herself in 5 years? She doesn’t have a 5 year plan yet but her children will be in school full time and she still sees herself pursuing a photography career. 

And 2 last little tidbits on Tiffany (that sounds like a good title, doesn’t it?) She would rather stay up late to edit then to get up early.  And sweet or salty?  Sweet it is.  

Are you in need of studio space?  Contact us today.  Studio Share Photography is a great place for those ready to take the next step in their business.  We’d love to hear from you!