Membership at Studio Share Photography comes with many undeniable benefits. We at Studio Share are a professional and cost-effective photography studio offering a great meeting place for a community of local photographers and their clients. 

Professional and Cost-effective  

Studio Share is a fully equipped professional studio with clean and organized setup and equipment. Functioning as a rental space for both budding and pro photographers, and designed with beneficial membership plans, Studio Share is a cost-effective option for photographers.  

The studio can be booked through online scheduling. It is a great option for last minute changes of location, so photographers don’t have to lose clients and profit. 

Studio Setup 

The ability to shoot indoors is an important option especially when weather conditions are not so favorable, such as heavy rains, strong winds, cloudy skies, and cold winters. Shooting in a studio offers convenience without sacrificing quality.  

Studio Share is designed to provide both natural and studio lighting, and the wide floor and overall studio space lets photographers have the versatility to construct a variety of themes and setups. 

Meeting Place 

Equipped not just with top notch equipment, but also with snacks and accommodations, the studio is a great place to meet clients, both existing and potential ones, o discuss business. 

It is also a suitable venue to learn and grow together. Studio Share is a place to hold workshops and other photography learning related activities.  


As the sudio is a membership and rental space, it is an ideal venue to work with fellow photographers and collaborate, to connect with each other, and to network

Equipment Storage 

The studio also offers ample storage space to store equipment and supplies, as well as photography portfolios and products.