Feeling alone in the photography industry?

Our community is ready to help encourage you and move your forward in both your business structure and your skills.

Want to plug into a local community of supportive photographers?

We are independent photography business owners - on the front lines together.  Teaching. Learning. Growing.

Need an indoor shooting space to help generate income through the winter?

We have Two fully equipped studios available for rent. Libertyville is over 2000 sq ft and barrington is 1300 sq ft.

Wish you had a back up studio to go to when it rains, it's too windy, too many mosquitos or the humidity is unbearable?

our flexible, online scheduling allows you to see if space is available and book it last minute so you don't lose business.

Running out of space for your props?

Store your props at The Share!

Wishing your home shooting space reflected the level of professionalism needed?

We are clean, organized, and ready for shooting and in-person sales.
(no need to clean your bathroom or displace your family and pets)

Tired of setting up and/or lugging all your props and equipment on site?

We have it all here for you.  All you need is your camera and your clients.

Are you a natural light photographer?

We have studios with plenty of natural light.

Are you a studio photographer?.

We have studio lights, modifiers, triggers and reflectors all ready to use.


Ready to have a studio space, but don't want to carry the overhead?

Membership is the way to go - 1/4 the cost of your own space and twice the square footage!

Tired of meeting at a coffee shop for your in-person sales?

We have coffee.  And comfy chairs.  And a flat screen TV with Apple TV to wirelessly connect. Meet your clients in our space and bring your professionalism to a whole new level.

Need a place to meet potential wedding clients?

Leave a high end impression on couples inquiring of your services.  Have a quiet, professional place to show off your portfolio and products.  You can store your products, too! no more lugging them around.

Enjoy teaching about photography or business?

We empower our members to teach what they know and provide platforms for them to speak into the lives of other photographers.

Click here for more specific information on becoming a member.