What is Studio Share?

We are a fully equipped, professional photography studio that is available for rent to local photographers to use as their own space.


Step up your level of professionalism.  We have a clean, uncluttered, neutral space for you to photograph and meet with your clients.

Cost Effective

For a fraction of the cost of your own 'brick and mortar' and large shooting spaces with both natural and studio light, this is a fabulous option to keep more money in your pocket. Maximize your business potential while minimizing costs.

Fully Equipped

All you need is your camera and your clients.  Lights, triggers, modifiers, stands, reflectors, backdrops, props, furniture, flat screen tv, drinks and snacks (aka: bribes) are all included.

Add value to your business by unleashing your photography Business in A Professional, Inviting, Creative Environment.  (and Get out of your homes and unpredictable on-site locations)


Value of a community


We are a collaborative community of independent photographers that share space, knowledge and experience.  We know how hard it is, in this industry, to find localized resources and people willing to help you take the next steps.  We have a passion for seeing your business succeed.  Not only do we want to provide you a professional studio, but we also want to encourage you as a small business owner, and provide you with many of the other resources you need for both skill refinement and good business practices.